*Some jealous people from Scotland, cheeky cunts really, the worst gobshites and cunts ever lol, are still spreading rumours/telling lies about my pussy and clitoris all the time, the truth is that I have a perfect designer vagina, the nicest clitoris I've ever seen in my life and my clitoris is a perfect size, I have the nicest pussy in the world and I do live webcam shows on www.adultwork.com and my profile is SandyEscortx.

Just to let people know, I've had a life of hell with the Scottish people and they still won't leave me alone.  They are the worst people out and have got no life at all, they are mad trainspotters who talk alot of shit about people and won't keep themselves to themselves.  They are really bad bullies and bad people, their some of the dirtiest evil people I've heard of in my life and their a bunch of fannies who need to get a life. 

That Braveheart movie was alot of shit, don't believe any of that, they are nasty bastards that stalk people, talk alot of shit about them and tell lies about them, the cheeky bastards, they have no pride at all nevermind personal pride.  I've never had any freedom for most of my life because of nasty, abusive Scottish people who talk alot of shit, they are really dirty people.  I'm making websites about them soon anyway and telling the whole world what their actually like and the truth about them, nobody believe that Braveheart movie.

I've not even got a life because of these Scottish bastards, I don't even have an apartment atm because of them, I wanted to go to college/university last year and this year and I couldn't go because of the constant stalking and harassment off the Scottish gobshites.  I don't believe anybody invaded their country because they are creepy bastards who stalk people and won't keep themselves to themselves, I've never had any freedom for the past 10 years because of these nasty people.  They talk about freedom in that Braveheart movie but it's alot of shit and you don't get any freedom, that movie should be called the shitey bastards because the Scottish people are full of shite, more shit comes out their mouth than comes out their arse.

So the rumours/lies they are spreading about my pussy are not true, the Scottish people are saying that I have a big minging clitoris and big minging pussy, and I don't, I've got a perfect designer vagina and a perfect small clitoris, it's a small bit big but that's what you want, you don't want no clitoris.  I do live webcam shows nearly every day atm on adultwork.com and you'll see that I have a perfect pussy if you book a show.  The Scottish gobshites who are a pain in the arse just continue to tell lies and boast about bullying me all the time, they keep saying that I have no personal pride and a big minging clitoris, anyway it's not true and I have the nicest clitoris and pussy in the world and my clitoris is a perfect size. 

I have alot of pride and personal pride and at least I don't talk shit or tell lies and they'll never be as good as me the Scottish bastards, I have alot of personal pride and I diet every day and I'm slim, I would go to the gym for hours every day if I could but I've been moving around so much because of the shitey bastards from Scotland lol and I've not been able to get to the gym.  That's what they are like anyway those Scottish people, their stinking of shit and people should watch for them lol.  Yeah, some Scottish people are nice people but I think most of them are just shitty bastards with no pride nevermind personal pride*


I am a Scottish girl :) I'm 23 year old petite blonde with big brown eyes and long blonde hair. Most guys say I am a beautiful with an amazing sexy body! I'm a size 8 and I'm toned, tanned and very busty and very sexy curves.

I do modelling and work for some of the top modelling agencies in London and have appeared in some of the top lads mags and my statistics are 34E-24-34!I am a very friendly sexy girl and I love being with guys and offer a GFE (Girlfriend Experience)!

I am available for incalls at my luxury apartment in the City Centre and Outcalls in the City Centre and sometimes surrounding areas and I can visit you're home or hotel..I have loads of really good reviews on my reviews page and 217 reviews from members of Adultwork who have seen other good escorts who work in the UK and Scotland.. maybe check them out!

Sandy x x x

Belfast Independent Escort